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  1. He actually tried to climb that balcony because they wanted to take a photo of him.
    Hey, that’s one of the few instances in which my German skills helped me on this site…

    1. You’re wrong I’m a German teacher and he said: “If I can climb that wall, I will fuck your wife” and the other man says: “Ok, but if you die, I will fuck your corpse”.

  2. WHY WHY WHY WHY can’t the fucker who is recording this shit keep the camrea on the asshole about to hurt themselves…. and as a second idea, if we can’t see the ending DON’T POST IT HERE….. fuck tart.

    1. Yeah Thats what I hate about Videos like This. I want to see him on the groung bleeding and crying.. but nooo, I have to think about that part.. -.-

  3. Every video not just this one but every video it seems that exact moment before the actual”pain” part of the video the camera points down ruining the whole video 🙁

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