Invention Ideas Win



Glass Toaster

Wearcom Jeans

Broom and Dustpan Slippers

Staircase Drawers

Two-way Toothpaste


Submitted by BF

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    1. haha I loved this one.. I ve always wanted to have a butter stick , there’s only those spray things in the market..

    1. I think it’s most of all designed to enable kids to text whoever they want discreetly during class. Or I’m seeing things. Again.

    1. i agree with you on this, the slippers are just retarded
      and either only a girl or someone who’s too flexible could use these.

      but i really like the stairs idea

  1. I have an invention. It’s like a blend of a sex swing and baby carrier. It’s so you can carry your lover around with you and have sex all the time. You have the front carrier, specially designed for the conventional heterosexual couple. This design allows for the high mount for the guy that refuses to leave his cutie in the bed, and the low mount for the on-the-move lady that needs to get used to the extra weight in the front anyways.
    For doggystyles and anal lovers the backpack mount is recommended.
    I’m giving Kelta one so she can carry me around. I like to sleep late.

    1. @FRED, Your one of the ANAL LOVER.. After all your the World best “ASS2MOUTH”..QUEER in the world….. You do in any Truck Stop, Public Restroom, on the Streets any where you can make $5.00……

    2. He does know truck stops are on thru ways and express ways….. And not just any street. I am getting this out feeling 2lolo is a retarded teen who’s confused about it’s sexually and gender.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen people who already have drawers in their staircase, the only other good idea would perhaps be the toothpaste.

    2. How could I forget “Head-On, apply directly to the foreheadHEAD-ON, APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEADHEAD-ON, APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD”? Still, what the fuck is it for?

  2. 1. Who really wants to see toast cook….ppl without a tv and why would they buy a toaster like this if they couldnt afford a tv?
    2. Wonder what ppl are going to think when you are always reaching down towards your lap playing with something?
    3. Broom shoes…so many fails I cant list.
    4. Immagine walking down the stairs at night just that one time the kids leave that drawer open….
    5. We all know this one is a fail because most of us dont even close one lid to the freekin tooth paste let alone 2 and if we did by chance close one it is likely that the other one will open when we squezs the tube.
    6. Wow a stick of butter…cold it doesnt spread and leaves it laden in toast crumbs, warm it all leaks out and makes a mess.

    1. Oh, I am right there with you! I know when it’s my bad week I don’t want to have a clue what’s going on. Might make me easier to deal with too.

    1. a great idea as long as there is a latch on the doors. it would be such a crazy trip hazard otherwise. falling down the stairs kills 32,000 americans every year. the more you know!

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