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    1. I remember the good old days when Smurfs were menu items, not tiny assholes talking tough on the internets.

    2. If I recall Anita were only menu items to the retarded and assholes to those who deserve it… Just saying

    3. Mmm idk one of ya needs to change your icon. So Papa Smurfette here know which one is the retard and which one is just the random poster

    1. Then you died twice, you continue the same life. It’s not like you got a brand new life every time you came back.

    1. DEA officer was pompous and rude, so he used that naughty word. The farmer just followed suit.

    2. Who fucking cares who the fuck uses the “F” word? I know I don’t fucking care. I don’t give one flying fuck. That fucking word is one of the best fucking words ever created. It helps to show how fucking compassionate you are about some fucking shit. I don’t understand why you give a fuck so much, but I think that maybe you should go fuck yourself, you fucking fucker.

    3. Haha, agree, no need for the curse word there.
      But hilarious story nevertheless, very good one 😀

    1. No. Not really.
      Here in Uhmerica they castrate old guys with my mentality. All it takes is one girl that gets tired of your crap…and snip.
      Most Uhmericans have no idea about that, either.
      That’s why I’m ready to jump the boat at any moment. Soon as I’m disabled I’m going to a Bangkok massage parlor and pay for a trillion dollar hand job.
      I’ll bet I get my moneys worth.

    2. Whatever Fred, sexathons aren’t a rare occasion with me. If you play with me you won’t leave without some love marks.

    3. You mean like telling you that I like to have a cock shoved down my throat while being held in a standing 69 position. Or that I’ll wrap my legs around the back of my partners neck while they are standing and have them bounce me up and down on their cock…

    4. I love it actually. But oddly not auto-erotic asphyxiation. I love to be dominated and bitten. But don’t expect me to submit without a little resistance.

    5. West Texas. How old are you? Not like women get in near as much trouble as men but statutory rape isn’t really my thing…

    6. Older guys are my specialty, I’v always been that way. Younger guys shoot off too fast, they are all about instant gratification and can’t seem to really appreciate the importance of multiple female orgasms. One’s not gonna do it for me, I need it for hours, over and over.

      Canadian? I’d love the summers up there but I’m afraid I’m not accustomed to harsh winters, hell it’s been two years since we had anything resembling a winter here.

    7. Well, depending on your cup size, you pretty much sound like my dream girl. There’s a few weeks of summer left up here, you really should come check it oot.

    8. Age doesn’t matter about the endurance of the stud you fuck kelta. You just need one that has been desensitize a little. I know the longest I have ever gone has been 8 hours but that was after I had a few drinks down me…. That said it was also a threesome. Best night of my life Lol 2girls and me

    9. For my build my boobs are perfect. Small enough to be perky but big enough to give me a super curvy figure. Nothing against guys who love huge tits, to each his own…

    10. I have always been into the hourglass figured women. Love a woman with a nice pair of hips to grab onto and ravage

    11. Oh me too! I like women that jiggle in all the right places as well. Not exactly BBW, but I don’t like them super skinny. Girls like that I want to cook for, not fuck.

    12. Sweety your awesome! I wish I could take you home. If I ever become single again you gotta come up here and be my “wing-girl” .

    13. I just say what I think without inhibitions. Most girls are raised with shame and an inferiority complex toward males causing them to be reserved when they really just want to fuck like carefree animals. I’m one of those rare women who honestly don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.

    14. Your not one of those girls that likes to be taken from behind while having your hair pulled and/or spanked tilled your ass is red with hand prints are ya?

    15. Absolutely, also bound and gagged. I’m extremely flexible from doing yoga, so if you can tie good knots then the possibilities are vast. I have a heavy duty hook reinforced to a stud in my ceiling for such bondage occasions.

    16. That gives me so many thoughts  ̄0 ̄ like say wish I knew what you look like for more of a reference on What your capable of doing.

    17. I think after all this “casual” talk I might need some “meditation” time to “reflect” upon. ﹋o﹋

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