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  1. Lol looks like the’ll be working for ghost boy in the future & hes smart enuf to give the FINGER..For all future comments!!!

  2. It’s not Photoshop you twit this is actually what people look like at bump…. you should see the massive amounts of bikini clad in shape chicks! Hattttterade for Kappy!!!!

    1. YODO? You Only Die Once?
      Yeah… That’s not true, I got two under my belt and at least one more to go…

    2. WTF? They deleted our comments… I’m gonna start saying some really fucked up shit now to see how far I can go..

  3. @ChienSale, TRUE!! My ass is getting RAW….. So STOP KISSING MY ASS………. DAMN!! I let you give me 1 Blow-Job. now you want to suck on my cock everyday…….

    1. You’ve got the wrong dog — I think that your lecture was meant for pineapple, and you got the cocksucker wrong, you’re pineapples bitch…

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