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    1. They are exhibitionists to the core… That and sexual shame is expressly human because of the fuctarded religious practices for the past couple thousand years…

    2. Is atheism a faith? I guess it is, I have faith that there is absolutely no god, so, that makes it a faith right?
      Agreed, lets fuck. Hard and raw… In public!

    3. As fuckwitted as they seem to be, sometimes, like most “organizations”, I’d have to call them a faith. I mean, they seem to be pretty faithful to the idea of beating a dead Christian with a dead horse.

    4. You mean that we should resort to Roman times and allow Pagans to rule Christians?
      Please, don’t get “political” with me. The politicians do that too much already.

  1. @FellowFailure, I stop by your house last night… But you was out with FRED….. Your mom was home, did you see her big smile …

    1. Okay! Look! I don’t have enough money to spend on a plane ticket and go to the French quarters, and beastialitize you, okay? I can, easily, drive to New Orleans and do some of those assholes that your pappy, Neo left behind. But you’re gonna have to cut me some slack, okay?

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