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    1. no its people like YOU that point out shit like that on a stupid post that society considers a douchebag…. ya douchebag

    2. It’s people like ME that consider douche bags to be perfectly useful household items, no less out of place than say, a bloody clown suit or a rectal thermometer.

    1. That’s WAAAAY too advanced for this imbecile to understand. 2bloblo TMG is saying you are only good at sniffing lemur butts.

    1. you mean make up a fake conversation then try to pass it off as real so you can submit it to some pic site?

    2. wait, I meant…yoo meen mak up a fak talk den tri 2 pas it of as reel so yoo cans put on innernet?

    3. Thanks rip, when I read your first post I was like LOLWUT?? But then your second post cleared that up for me.

  1. Obviously fake. Photoshopped. That’s not what iPhone text font looks like. And it’s not even funny if it were real. Everyone’s seen that joke before.

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