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    1. It’s a fail because Jews prob should have been wiped out during the Hitler era, and now having to watch a Gay Jew unleashed?… it’s very tough to watch. Adolf I miss you.

    2. Well, I’m not going to no gay Bar Mitzvahs, then.
      I hear they cut pieces of the guy’s dick off, too. Then they fry them and make those Fried Fore Skins that Lays puts out.
      IDK. I could be wrong.

    3. I don’t either. Why did you write “mean”? Are you one of those bloody comma-lovers? Do you do commas with your fingers in the air when you talk? Do you do it all the time, and it’s so annoying everyone feels the urge to break your fingers? Or is it just me?

    4. HA! I do it constantly. I “fingerprint” every sarcasm I do.
      I mean, fuck! If you’re sarcastic in Uhmericah, these fuckwits have a problem understanding that you’re being sarcastic. And if you do use it, then they are “fashionable” enough to know that it’s not cool.
      How can I get out of this? “Leave this country and support the one you like!”…I guess.

    5. Yeah, I’ve been wondering for a while why you’re still living in the USA if you hate most of its people/politics/culture… Why don’t you go back living in Thailand for instance? Money?

    6. Gren, you have no idea of the enjoyment that I receive by watching these politically, fashionably, and Thinking-that-corruption-is-God, is the way to live, brain-washed, fuckwits go completely broke and think that it is all due to Obamacare.
      I’m stayin’ for a while. Shits and grins stuff, ya know?

    7. No, Gren, I believe that the only way that Uhmerica can come out of this shit-hole that they’re in is to, finally, become responsible for their own fuck-ups and decide to be the good people that they’ve shown, thru-out their short-lived and fucked history, that they can be.
      This panicky, politically, fucked crap that is going on now, is obviously, subterfuge. And I don’t even consider myself a conspiracy theorist. But, it is a conspiracy, isn’t it?

    8. Okay, I get it. And don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I won’t change and become like you. Or maybe I should hope to, because optimism and idealism tend to smell bad when they’re disappointed and demystified. At least you enjoy the show, I probably won’t.

    9. Oh, I won’t take it the wrong way and think you are calling me a pessimistic, narcisistic, fucking asshole, even though you are, especially, because you…uh…
      What are we talking about?

    10. Have you lived in North Korea, though, Vic?
      See? Don’t just judge, man. It could be a paradise, ya know?
      We “may” have been influenced about North Korea by our offiliations.
      But then, ya know, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    11. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to end well.
      He’ll probably get executed for fucking the Party’s Secretary’s daughter. And wife. And mother. You get my drift.

    12. Fred don’t you remember south park? the brisk is when they chop the penis off and they use it to make lipton brisk ice tea

    13. Well, I know that during the Middle Ages Jews stole Christian’s babies and made sacrifices out of them. You know that is fact because Christians have documented cases.

  1. At that age I probably would have went for a White Zombie themed barmitzvah, but what ever floats your boat little gay jewish kid…

  2. I don’t like how the media was stating how this dance video will change your life (HuffingtonPost, etc). This is just stupid and gay. What a mockery of religious ideals. Someone give this kid a tampon and a cactus to sit on.

  3. He’s actually a pretty good dancer although he does look very camp… I really respect how everyone is supporting him rather than making him feel like a cunt because he’s not straight.

    Does anyone know how old this vid is? If this was taken in the 90s, even less of a fail as we were all being gigantic douches in various ways at that time in history 😀

    1. Good guess. I was in 1992. I googled “bar mitzvah vogue dance” and found articles about it, and an interview with the guy (who is about 33 now, of course).


  4. I’d rather have a bi-curious jewish son that can dance to Madonna, than some retarded atheist girl who thinks the Beatles are copying Justin Bieber.

  5. jews wants to be masters of the world….well at least they have a gaylord ! do we have to send george michael in israel?

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