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    1. @FELLOW FAILURE, That’s the same question your mom ask…. When she took a shit and you pop out……

    2. HA!HA!HA!
      Fellowfailure? Don’t you get it? In other words, when you mom took a shit, you popped out and she said, “this haaas to be fake”.
      Get it?
      Me neither.

    1. Actually, the correct sentence would have been : “No one can be that stupid, can THEY?”
      That person’s gender is irrelevant.

    1. It’s called sterilization, and it should be done to stupid people so they don’t spread their awful gene pools…

    2. Republicans should have kids, because Democrats don’t have the money to have them. That way Republican kids can fill the shoes of all those Democrat “workers” that were never born.

  1. this is my answer as her,question. undressed youself and but de baby face close to your vagina and if the baby try to re-enter is your baby ahahah

  2. OBVIOUSLY AN AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM FAIL!! How do I know shes american? Because only an American would ask such a stupid fucking question even though shes old enough to shit out a child.

  3. Sure wtf…. Only Americans are stupid…. That’s why America is the only continent with stupid people. Oh wait, it isn’t peabrain!!!!!!!

  4. This is a joke, right? This has to be a joke. It’s just not possible. No one’s that stupid…right? Right!? *loses faith in humanity*

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