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    1. Thank you. Now I have this image where she lies on top of his belly, and their legs are just wiggling absurdly in the void.

    1. You know what I heard about GA girls? I heard that they get their best orgasms by riding on the hood of their boyfriends truck, with their legs spread open, letting bugs vaporize against their vadges. I heard that June was the biggest month because of Junebugs. I heard that the old folks like to sit in the porch swing at night listening to the roar of truck engines and shouts of, “FASTER! GO FUCKING FASTER!”
      Is that true?

    2. Silly Fred, you know that’s a myth! The best orgasms are in a peachtree, upside down and butt-nekkid.

    3. GA Grl and Fred
      Sittin’ in a tree
      Tree split!
      GA Grl shit!
      Fred didn’t git
      But a little bit!
      Damn it!

    4. Aw, for fuck’s sake! Why don’t you go cock-block someplace else? GA’s not far from me. I could go and come in one day!

    5. Oh, yes ma’am. After I drive for four hours, you cramming your peach in my mouth would be mighty appreciative. I’m in you. Could I have a drink of water, though?
      Thank you, very much ma’am. You are my new found peach, but how can I access your dirty pictures, though?
      You’ve got me seriously interested, now what do we do?
      Gotta have some nasty panties or something. You’ve got me like Arethra Frankin, Lovin’ on Next to Nothin’.
      You gonna have to give me something.

    1. hey 2lolo tell your sister, your mom and your Grandma i have their panties if they still want them back

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