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  1. No, the fail is the other way around. Highly intelligent to post your smoking weed before a shift, compliments to the chef.

  2. I am sick and tired of moron hoods just fueling the bad stereotypes about blacks. Don’t believe this moron, we don’t have a separate language. He is just being lazy, as you see he does know how to type and spell properly when he want to.

  3. Okay it’s HIS Facebook page so to be fair if you have an issue with how he updates his statuses then just delete him. It’s not that serious. People just try and make others look stupid to make themselves feel better. What a pity.

  4. Dear white kids who think its cool to act black,

    Notice that this dipshit is going to go cook food at some restaurant. If you don’t want this as a career, or end up on unemployment, drop the whole “Malibu’s Most Wanted” bullshit and talk right.


    1. So are you saying stereo typing is acting white?because i don’t know what acting black is .From what i understand you can’t act like a race ass

  5. This is the next missing post that makes this a black fail:

    This is your boss you have been picked for a random drug test today.
    If you can’t understand my english maybe you can understand this

    yo work flow 0 Post n smoke not dope

  6. If you can speak properly, why the fuck would you even talk like that in the first place? It doesn’t sound cool. It makes you sound uneducated. It has nothing to do with race. Black or White, Asian or Latino, it sounds retarded. Period.

  7. Do black people talk like that so when they’re arrested they can in black guy language admit to murder but the cops are so confused by what’s coming out of their mouths they just release them?

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