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    1. @Joce21: You seriously think flicking a light switch on an off would damage the switch? The thing that was designed for such ‘abuse’ a bit like your butt.

    2. Take her phone when she doesn’t pay attention and use it to call you phone number, leave it on till she’s got a big bill xd

  1. Just turn on All the Electrical Appliances in your Room you aint gotta Flicker the Lights On and Off i don’t even think that Works!

  2. Yeah, that sounds like a wise idea. Run up the electricity and then you’re the dummy that will be getting reamed out for it anyway.

  3. I’m assuming she gets her ‘pocket money’ from her mom, so ‘raising that bitch’s electricity bills’ sounds a bit… counterproductive, haha 😀

  4. This person is retarded… Do the think it takes extra energy to turn a light bulb on? They’re actually saving money by turning the light off and on. When it’s off it uses no power… Amazing how dumb this world has become that this has 39 likes.

  5. Why don’t you run away, get picked up by some truckers get molested and buried in a shallow grave in the desert, that’ll teah her.

  6. Yeah, this should be labeled “intelligence fail.” Just leaving the light on would cost the most, plus it requires almost zero energy. Way to show your Mom…

  7. Hey, if sending a text messages costs you per message, why shouldn’t each use of the light switch cost you something? Tween logic.

  8. As already stated, turning any kind of light source on and off will not increase it´s power consumption, only wear it off faster. Also the girl arguing with her mom is immature and shallow… I´d give this 9999 dislikes if i could.

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