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  1. Not a fail, just a prank. That’d be a photo fail if it wasn’t staged to look like this. That said, I’d really enjoy kicking with all my might the girl on the left in the butt. With my rangers.

    1. Do you mean that Fred’s posing as a charming lady? Or that he’s actually a lesbian? Or that he’s just being himself? I’m so confused, I’m going to run chaising my tail to calm myself down.

    2. Well, okay, I’ll come out of the closet. I’m, actually, a lesbian trapped inside a man’s body. And I’m going to run “chaising” Gren’s tail to calm myself down.

    3. Now that I’ve seen it, these fucking commas of yours annoy the hell out of me. And don’t tell me you won’t, or I’ll have to use my handcuffs. My Hello Kitty handcuffs, with pink fur, of course.

    4. Well, I’m just trying to use more gooder punctuallity. Besides, your little comma, makes me think more about commas,,,,makes me want to draw commas,,,Makes me wanna bite commas,,,,makes me wanna break a few more blisters,,,

    5. Cause, I was, thinking, that if you had a video, on the internet, with you with some baby oil, and massaged a hole bottle, into it, very slowly,,,,I, would, give, PAUSE,,,

    6. You’re a real fucking endearing lunatic, you know that? But I’ll have to leave you to your twisted commatic fantasies, and go to bed. Have a nice one! And a few more after that, sore dick or not, obviously.

    1. I would pick the corn out of their shit, clean it with my tongue, then put it back in the shit and then eat it.

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