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  1. I support all our troops.. It’s the bullsheet they have to fight for I’m not always nor obligated to get behind.

    1. Yeah, some sort of skit from a comedy show. The whole concept of a “fail” website doesn’t really work if they post staged comedy.

  2. Hahaha! I like how the guy who kicked barley used any force at all.
    Poor guy with the hammer must have gotten so much shit for that later.

  3. Das müssen britische Soldaten sein. Immer und überall die Etikette wahren…zum Beispiel unbedingt zuerst höflich anklopfen, bevor man eintritt.

  4. “I hear you knockin but you can’t come in!”
    Anyone in Germany (or Lithuania) ever hear of a 12 gauge? Import some rednecks… we’ll show you how to opened a locked door!

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