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    1. If you are a lesbian, do as Kate suggests, and lose the socks. If not… we do NOT care wtf your socks look like… we care that you can imitate this pic… and of course the sammiches.

    2. lol yeah they weired me out. there like thoes creepy toe socks. there just un attractive. lol and yeah bud lots of sammiches. 😀

    1. She has the body of a child. I like my women to look like women and with some meat on their bones. So to answer your idiotic and pompous question, No, I’m not stupid for thinking this girl is too skinny and putting her leg behind her back is just disgusting.

    2. I can’t imagine how anybody can see this as hot. She looks like a holocaust survivor that got mangled in a car wreck.

    1. That’s what I like about the middle school girls, I keep getting older and they stay the same age.

    2. With tits like that I doubt she’s 12….She looks A LOT older.
      I think she’s hot too and would do her in an instant…socks or no socks!!

    3. I once had a gf who had multiple tats before she was 18… having a tat does not make you 18. Just saying. I don’t think she’s 12 either, but your arguement is invalid.

    4. Deadly’s arguments usually are invalid. You’re spot on Bud, having a tattoo doesn’t make you 18. Being 18 makes you 18.

    5. So what. If the man didn’t want us to get off on 13-year-olds… then why did he make ’em this hot? (You see, that’s why religion ALWAYS counts as an argument…)

  1. Thats the hottest thing I’ve seen on this site, honestly. I can’t understand how U guys can say it’s disgusting. I’d do anything for such a girl.

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