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  1. Unfortunately, this isnt the first time I’ve seen this. I see this nearly every week. Girls are so stupid smh. Yes I said GIRLS, WOMEN know better than that. Maybe if we take pictures of them everytime and submit them to EF they’ll stop doing it in public. Worth a try. 😉

    1. Are you too stupid to understand a simple question? go kill yourself you piece of garbage. 😉

    2. ^Wow. Just wow.
      That’s my favourite fake2lolo’s line of the week. Maybe of the month. “Ding-bat miss. It.” Just great.

  2. I know a friend that has a underdeveloped ear that he can’t hear out of because his mother smoked when she was pregnant with him.

  3. honestly, its much worse to quit right before or during a pregnancy…. because the body will go into detox and may end up with a miscarriage because of it, so in the end if its only a sigaret its better to keep smoking untill the baby is born…..
    if you were dooing drugs or have a alcohol addiction then you shouldnt even have thought of children and ur just a dumb idiot.

  4. I think I actually saw this piece of white trash this summer. She’s a real piece of shit! Sadly, this is becoming all too common. I actually saw another “girl” smoking outside the pool and then went down the water slide…OVER 20 TIMES!!! If they’re poor babies actually make it to adulthood, I hope they treat these gutter ass sluts like shit and dump them in some shitty retirement home…

  5. I don’t see how smoking while being pregnant would be parenting failure as thing has not been born yet, assuming person just had to spend time around that of beach area/likewise she is at.
    Next thing is still how likewise situations require an male side rush to consider all possible nice things persons can enjoy afterwards, most common being own house to moment of actually planning future. (An acting thing of skill and trying to keep that thing of hope going towards claimed)

  6. It’s not a fail because of the cigarette, duh… it’s a fail because her bikini doesn’t match. So it’s more like a fashion fail… right?

  7. Oh well, I would love you guys being able to become pregnant – wonder if you would all bash the casual beer and cig as well then.

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