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  1. Well, epicfail… I don’t know how to explain it but… uhmmm… the word “cock” is also a synonym for “rooster”… Do these guys laugh about the word “cockfight” too? And what about “to cock” like “to cock a weapon”…

    1. sure do i used it on your grandma your mom and your sister last week so you could have a uncle or aunt another brother or sister and a niece or nephew coming soon

  2. Back in the 80’s and 90’s there used to be the “Battle of USC” USC: University of Southern California ~vs~ University of South Carolina… the Trojans ~vs~ the Gamecocks.
    An EPIC event… not because of the games but because SOMEONE in the crowd would always hold up a sign to get caught on ABC Sports that read, “THEIR TROJANS CAN’T HOLD OUR COCKS!!!”
    Also, seeing hot South Carolina cheerleaders shouting “GO COCKS” just makes it all worth it!

  3. I hate when they only put “cock” on Gamecock gear unless the girls are wearing it. It is nice when you seen a girl with a nice ass and cock written across it, even better when you see a flock of that.

    1. Oh, I’ve been ashamed of myself for quite some time, believe me.

      You sound hot. And you’re obviously familiar with cocks, so… could I get your number?

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