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    1. She only photoshopped her body, but her face is still horrifying. That’s the only photoshop fail there is.

    2. Oh I think it’s that they stuck their face on someone elses body. People keep talking about this waist line thing but I can’t see it :\ and that chin looks weird

  1. exactly… I don’t see it. Epicfail moderators hitting the Redbull just a little too hard on this one. Guys, C’mon…

  2. Frankly, even if there is a photoshop fail, the quality of the picture is so poor it doesn’t matter. For a moment I thought I had lost my contacts.

  3. I don’t see any photoshop here. It’s most likely a short focal length that has caused the boobs and arm to look big while the waist and lowerparts are small…

  4. True, the stomach does look unusually small compared to the rest of her (him?) but that doesn’t make it a photoshop fail. Could be a sucking in fail. Drag queen fail.. etc etc.

    Epicfail fail.

  5. Yeah, she photoshoped her waist line. Took a while to spot it, but the longer I look at the picture, the more I see it.

    Also, look at her right arm.

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