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    1. Ya but most rich people are fuckin cheap pricks & they don’t give back to society like good humans should. 😉 Ps.- Why didn’t they just cut the fuckin’ handle off?!?

    2. Now what if it was someone that wasn’t rich and just so happened to have a mercedes shit I ain’t rich and I had a porsche. Ever heard of buying cars at auctions or living in a trailer with a car that cost more than ur rent just because u want to feel like u have something of value. I think that is the perfect temp fix.

    1. 2lolo: “Tell me about it! Although now I use plastic restraints, it took too much time with the tape, the chloroform’s effect wears off quickly…”

    2. Ya know, Gren, if I could get some from you I think I’d like to yank you out of a car, tie you in cuffs, and lock you down in the middle of the highway. Then just make you understand what kinda entertainment you can be.
      Just sayin”.

    3. That’s… Kind of violent, isn’t? Did you take your pills today? Don’t tell me you took too much of the blue one, again…

    I hate to tell you that, when I put you under, I was SELLING your Ass to the Homeless…. For $5.00.. Now all the Homeless want’s there money

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