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    1. Ask God for forgiveness. You know you should have never have watched it. You are a vile and vulgar bastard!

    1. Obviously fake. He is probably just siting in front of a blue screen. In the clip he uses his abdomen to play some of the instrument. But at the end when he screams the moves is abdomen muscles but nothing happens.

    1. Too bad they haven’t harnessed the ability turn all you guys’ willingness to lie to everything into constructive energy

  1. It’s likely that they hooked up the muscle simulators to the same sequencer that drives the drums. I highly doubt they’d try to have him drum with his muscles. It would take forever and would be inconsistent with the rhythm. Or they just CGI that shit.

  2. Yer this is about as real as he is black. The only people who will think this is real are the people that think the Cadburys commercial is too

  3. Even if the music instruments are not really connected to his muscles… He has quite a good coordination of sus-mentionned muscles. Muscles. Muscles. Muscles. Musssslesssss

  4. that gay mofo got disqualified the first round the first episode of that new realty show that has stars playing weekend warrior he couldnt swim hahah to funny

  5. ok… You guys talking about how it’s done, it’s not a blue screen, it’s not that he’s flexing to control anything, he doesn’t have any insane coordination…

    The most likely answer to how they did it is an electric shock to the muscle which causes it to tighten or “flex”. It’s a commonly used form of therapy

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