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  1. Where is the fail? Die-cast metal unbreakable plastic maybe? But that just means it is made with both those materials. Meh.

    1. Where’s the fail? Its just a cheap rip off of Voltron. It has nothing to do with Transformers. Epicfail you suck!

    2. Voltron was huge back in the 80s, every kid from that decade knew who voltron was, so it doesnt make ya gay for knowing it. and yes the power rangers were the ultimate Voltron knock off.

  2. ‘Think the fail is that there is no transformation at all, the “parts” only fit together. Usually with this kind of robots the individual small robots transform a bit to match into the big one, there the big robot is only “disassembled”. That’s the fail

  3. There is not fail in the pic. The fail is in the title “Transformers Toy Fail” is NOT transformers. It is Voltron.

  4. @FRED, your back!!! I understand you was with JIMMY and POOPR, in your room when the storm hit …… 2 days !!! Can you still sit??? GOOD you all had a 3 way……

  5. It’s a hybrid knockoff Voltron/PowerRanger Zoid…..There, I cleared everything up here in the comment section….lol

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