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    1. Ya know, ya gotta respect his respect for himself. Especially if he’s really a six incher and not ashamed to admit it.
      I like guys that like to admit their inferiority.
      Just saying. Sorry, about my respect.

    2. As a chick, I’d like to say thank you Uncut4life! It takes real balls to admit that. I’d fuck you because of your honesty…

    3. FRED, Your Funny….. 6 incher…… Papa Smurf was bragging his 4 inch is bigger than your little Cock…..

    4. @Lymbe- It would make blowjobs really easy, I’ll think about it. Is it just me or did you disappear for a while?

  1. I thought at first that she was a real woman and could handle my massiveness. But, then, I started to look closely at her hand. I think she has a very small hand. Just sayin’.

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