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  1. Last night I was banging JIMMY Sister… She told me what happen to Jimmy.. On Sunday night JIMMY and ChienSale was walking and found FRED.. It was 2 for 1 on Sunday…. They took FRED home and ChienSale found a tube, thinking it was LUB.. So ChienSale rub the lub on FRED ASS and told JIMMY to use the LUB on his ass as ChienSale LICK FRED ASS and JIMMY FUCK ChienSale ass…… JIMMY said STOP!!!! It’s not LUB It GLUE……….

    1. I’m flattered that you chose me as a character in your autobiography, but you really should keep it real. You know very well that it was you and 2 fake 2lolos!

  2. Seriously, this should be able to burn mario, link or at least a pyramid into the toast…. An über win would be if you could insert an old game and have it burn the start screen into my toast

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s not an original NES casing as there’s no chance that it could stand the heat. Therefore this is either a shoop or… a nice but unnecessary idea.

    1. Like you really came up with that name. AVGN already had one for years, but it’s a toaster that plays Nintendo games, intead of a Nintendo that makes toast. You fuck yourself.

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