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  1. seems like the frog wasn’t really interested but since it walked into it’s bout it must’ve thought: “o well, alright then, I’ll bite”

  2. It’s a brain parasite, seen this sort of thing on one of the science channels. What the parasites do to get into their intended host is infect another insect and change it’s brain chemistry to make it suicidal. Frog eats infected bug and then bam, worms in your digestion track.

    1. I freaking read about that too. Other times they even get the host to swim until exhaustion and drowning, so they can wiggle free and find a new sucker. And now something I just came up with: Damn nature, you scary.

  3. If you put some RED lip stick on the Frog lips, Frog lips will look just like FRED lips. Caterpillar is the right size of Papa Smurf Cock… Add the 2= FRED sucking little Papa Smurf Cock…….

  4. oh shit it has begun. this caterpiller was infected with a parasite that makes him look for frogs and wants to go inside its mouth. then we eat that frog. then 2012 HAPPENS!

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