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    1. The store is named after his granddad because he was a stern old man. The store owner didn’t knew Hitler that well, lol!
      But now the Jews demanded to change the name.

    1. Then I suggest you vote for Romney – he’s the next best thing to Hitler. Religious fanatic, delusional, anti-choice, anti-intellectual – what more to wish for?

    2. you have absolutely no talent as a troll DF. stick to being the angry victim. you’re much better at it.

    3. I think the fail is a store sign saying Hitler complete with Swastika. And then a T-Shirt of Gandhi in the center window? Kind of contradictory. Lol, only in India.

  1. Down the street, they will open up a Bin Laden’s Laundry service promising fresh white towels every time you do your laundry. Across the way, there is a Jeffrey Dahmer’s Deli with fresh meat, and meals that you could die for.

    1. I love Smurfs too! Reminds me of a warm fuzzy childhood before life curb stomped me with things like responsibilities and obligations…

  2. What’s weird, is that this store….is in INDIA! WTF! Although to be fair after it got national attention, the owner has been forced to change the name. Israel apparently wasn’t happy.

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