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    1. I know who taught her how to drink… Snookie? By the way they hold their “cigarettes ” does anyone else have the urge to smoke a blunt?

  1. Geez people, calm down. First: Those kids aren’t actually holding cigarettes – those things look more like tinfoil rolls.
    Second: Those bottles don’t look like they contain beer – I think it might be just some sorta overpriced premium mineral water. And third: Even if those were beer bottles – how can you tell they’re drinking from them and not just pretending.

    Bottom line: Not every time children play “adult” you can call that a “parenting fail”. Why are Americans so hysterical when it comes to children?

    1. damn, that REALLY pisses me off.

      btw. I was actually just gettin kinda worked up about EF posting every single pic that depicts a child doing ANYTHING as a ‘parenting fail’ – That’s actually what my above rant was all about…

    2. It is a parenting fail because these kids clearly think that imitating alcoholic, blunt-smoking behavior is a cool thing to do. That’s enough.

  2. I know those bottles, they’re old school sarsaparilla/root beer. We get the same stuff from the Ren Faire every year and it is DELICIOUS!

  3. How is this a fail anyways they could be from france of italy when the drinking age is 12. Plus there not yanks there way to skinny and they dont have food hanging out there mouths while trying to stick more food in.

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