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  1. Beside the fact that you guys don’t have nice smelly Hello Kitties, this is another reason why I don’t like to hang out with you fuckwitted, fucktarded guys. Ever notice how troublesome you assholes are?

    1. Well, if you had some nice smelling Kitties, things would be different and I might listen to your hormonal imbalances, Vic. But it’s always about “lift kits” and superficial shit, ya know?

    2. @FRED, STOP Acting like a THUG on the Internet!!!
      When a little person like Pappa Smurf can kick your FAT ASS………

  2. Ya, that’s what’ll happen to you if you listen that the fucking retarded music! You guys are fucked up stupid, just like Die Antwoord.

  3. He’s gotta be on more than alcohol – people are are drunk enough to try to jump out a window and generally too drunk to stand up, let alone run and jump out the window.

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