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    1. Mmm! Vadges! Them thingamajigs are nice, aren’t they? Even the sound of the word, “vaginas” is like music! Fuckin’ sweet is what they are.

    2. The vadge looks like a little curtain, waiting to hide the tip of my nose, tongue or tallywhacker.
      Whatever. They’re just sweet. Something I could contemplate for a lifetime.
      Even when I’ve looked at one and said, “Those are some evily, odd looking doohickeys”, I’ve got some of the hardest fuckin’ erections.
      Go ahead, say that I have some fucked gay fantasy, and don’t know it. You gaybobs are just fuckin’ grabbin’ your little straws.
      Meaning of life: Vagina!

    3. You’re such a poet. Did you hear about that artist whose last piece is entitled “The Great Wall of Vagina”? You’d like it. His name is Jamie Mc Cartney,and you’re going to ask yourself “HOW THE FUCK DID I NOT THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE?”

  1. Yeah, because we totally believe that’s her real blonde hair. You’re not fooling anyone. Why not try wearing hair that might at least look a little natural? Dumb Bald b*tch.

  2. What a dumb bitch, leave it to a black woman to think that looks cool…and I am assuming that is a woman. Plus, the hairstylist is breaking a federal law by defacing the currency in that fashion.

  3. @FRED, JIMMY love it when you talk like a man….. When JIMMY banging you…… As he is playing with your MAN Made Tits……

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