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  1. I would be impressed if he did this going over the Foresthill Bridge. 714ft above the ground. The tallest bridge in California, possibly the entire west of the Mississippi.

    1. Wezza redo your math it is roughly 201ft based off your time of 2.5 seconds of free fall because it is 386 in. per second squared or 9.8 meters per seconds squared.

    2. Wezza is correct

      He was in freefall for about 2.5 seconds
      He fell approximately 30 meters (or 100 feet)
      He hit the water at around 50-55 mph


    3. It looks to be about 2.4-2.5 seconds, which indicates 28-30 meters (around 92-98 feet). I’m not sure where Papa Smurf comes up with 201ft—Wezza has it right.

    4. I even explained it to you, you constantly gain velocity until you reach terminal velocity…. Hence the rate of acceleration due to gravity of 9.8 meters per seconds squared or for Americans 386 inches per seconds squared

    5. google “Distance travelled by an object falling for time”, find in wikipedia or whatever:

      d = 1/2 gt^2

      Insert knowns (note that I *am* factoring in acceleration—it’s the “seconds squared”):

      d = 1/2 * 9.8 m/s^2 * 2.5s^2

      Seconds squared cancel, we’re left with:

      d = 30.625 m (100.5 feet)

      It looks like you’re forgetting the factor of a half (maybe you’re mixing the final velocity calculation and distance calculation together, v=gt vs d=1/2gt^2).

  2. first, why is there a random steel structure in the back woods second, it might just be me but that tiny ass stream does not look deep enough to be doing that. in fact im pretty sure when he enters the water you can see rocks and shit. if only he died.

  3. when it said balls of steel win i thought it meant the guy woulda got his balls slammed and like he took it in with no expression of pain,
    impressive yes, but not the impressive i was looking watching for

  4. Yea forest hill bridge is crazy high, I live 30 minutes away. I love how they got call boxes on both ends and the middle lined directly to.a suicide hotline. We dropped a full soda can off the top took like around 10-15 seconds before splashdown in the river below

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  5. Wow nice one i done plenty of brige and rock face jumps but never from that high props to him.

    Anybody know where this is ? or what that metal thing is ?

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