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    1. Every so often someone comes along and likes to say the same old joke about America, but only for a couple of posts and then we never hear from them again, lets see how long ol tam tam last.

    2. it is real..i just googled it..worst is, people answered saying yes it does instead of feeling bad for the guy

    1. So…the vadge gets wet though, right? I mean, if I’m dying of thirst I can still hunt out a vadge and find moisture, no?

    2. Yeah, well, let’s see how the women Down Under deal with my dick calluses as lube. Go ahead and toss in a handful of sand in for good measure.

  1. So, they think the rain is coming from space instead of clouds? That gravity stuff is kinda weird if you think about it sometimes. Think on this. You’re in space heading home to earth in a space shuttle. You go under into Australia or wherever it happens to be. You’re flying straight up from the bottom of the earth, enter the atmosphere and somewhere during all of that you’re flying down to the Earth’s ground. I understand gravity, I just wonder how that would work out.

    1. Good guess Fred. You want to answer my question without acting like a jackass making fun of me and the state of Alabama?

    2. Up and North are two COMPLETELY different things. North is based on magnetic polarity and Up is based on gravity. Entering the atmosphere from space you would inherently be headed downward. If you entered the atmosphere topically above Australia and planned on landing geographically north you would have to adjust your hyperbolic trajectory so that you would always be heading gravitationally down but geographically north following the curvature of Earth.

    3. how about this one? so you’re out in space, you know, just spacin around. no planets nearby, just space. OMG WHICH WAY IS UP?

  2. OMG are you for REAL?! No hope for the human race….God, I’m ready to live a good life and stop sinning, because it’s easier than dealing with the tards down here. LORD, TAKE ME NOW.

    1. You obviously must be new to the comments, read more posts and you will realize that some of these people have an accumulated IQ lower than the tomatoes I’m growing.

    2. Or for Chien’s understanding, a brain smaller than a grain of rice… Not saying he has one that small to say.

    3. USA!! USA!! haha its even an insult to retards to refer to most Americans as a bunch of retards. Makes it hard to sleep knowing that USA has the most Nuclear weapons, kinda like giving a monkey a loaded gun.

  3. @Nick T. 2lolo has to paid you for the following: rimjobs, anal, oral, dirty Sanchez, scat face, golden shower, bear orgy.

  4. I love this. Being an Aussie.
    I must admit, I have fallen off the ground and headed towards space quite a few times. Eventually I just put weights on my ankles. My Kangaroo didn’t appreciate it when I jumped on to head to work though. Chiropractic bills are through the roof!!

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