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  1. well, if he doesn’t make it sink in, then she will never make a good sammich. therefore, she will never make her man truly happy. she will be forever alone.

    1. I would say win, if any of the right people saw it that teacher would need those balls he just lost to explain What happened.

    2. Kids with cameras are finally able to expose ignorant, bullying and incompetent adults. I admire the kiddie that made the recording almost as much as the little girl who stood up for herself.

    3. The guy probably had a history of abuse like this and the parents probably armed their kid with that phone to catch him in the act.

    4. Yes, because a parent actually listening to the child when they talk about how horrible a teacher is and then giving them a camera phone to document the case is entirely more likely than the child being a spoiled brat…

    1. basically he is teaching english pronouns and he is trying to get her to read the pronouns he has listed on the board. i can’t tell if she is saying anything but he starts with “I” and then says words like harasho and maladets which, as far as I know, are basically variations on “good” so it’s possible she actually managed to say “I.” Then he goes on to “you” and when he is saying “you eta ty” he is basically saying “you is you” (“ty” is you in russian). I guess he is trying to get her to understand the translation.

    2. He repeats over and over again that “you” means “you”, (“you”, это ты!) that’s why he points at her.

  2. i dedicate this video to all the eurotrash that thinks their school system is better than the US. This is why you’re all so ignorant and hateful.

    1. European education in general is fucking bullshit, teachers are mentally harassing students are at the end of each school year we’re a little bit more fucked up in our head because of their abusive way of teaching. Enough is Enough.

    1. yes. giant british flag above them and they’re not speaking english. clearly they must be from America and not whatever super smart country that squirted you out.

    2. I guess I’ve never really had a reason to think about the possibilities involved in two retards breeding before. this place is so educational.

    3. Is it a coincidence that his post is right below the post by two yankee doodles dissing the european continent? I think not. However if it is, then you’re also stupid ‘Roy’ for not knowing how to use the big grey REPLY button. But really, you’re all fucking fails for thinking that any one nation is better than any other. You get fat, thin, ugly, beautiful, smart, dumb-as-fuck, gay, straight, transvestite, angry, calm, friendly, ass-hatty, scared, brave people in EVERY country.

    4. You forgot retarded or mentally handicapped, physically disabled and mentally deranged. Just trying to help.

    5. good thing you interrupted our important discussion about retards to proclaim that to people not in this reply thread!

  3. Stupid russian teacher….but when parents will see that video, he will get few punches in head. Корочё – жопа этому уроду 🙂

  4. He deserved it he put his hands on her first and that to me looks like an assault. And he did it twice and kind of hard too. Good for her to get him right in the nuts!!!

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