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    1. That’s a cargo plane no people(except illegal immigrants) and not completely th pilots fault he pays attention to a guy guiding him

  1. I’m surprised that the person who uploaded this picture didn’t put a big red circle around the fail. Every other fucking idiot feels the need to do that because they think the fail is somehow not obvious when in fact it is.

    1. OK then I will explain it to you, the plane’s nose is piercing thru the side of the building…..OMG you should have been able to see that.

    2. ^Muhuhuhuhu. Cock pit. Why am I imagining an arena where dicks are fighting with swords? JIZZOTORI TE SALUTANT!

  2. this pic has only been on the internet for a while now… guess EF really is the recycling site of everything else.

  3. @Papa Smurf, Your Ex-Wife said Hi…. And to tell you, Now she knows how a real man cock feels like inside of her.. Not that little blue thing you call a cock…

    1. I’d also like to point out that the guy I hired to have sex with her beat me up for asking him to mouth-fuck me.

  4. This is not a pilot fail. This happened in Helsinki cargo terminal near a maintenance facility some time ago. The plane was being towed to routine maintenance when the tractor towing it had to be detached to another job. The service crew didn’t realize the tarmac was slightly tilted towards the maintenance building and they didn’t use wedges for the wheels. The mechanic, who was the only person on board, was unable to turn on the planes breaks.

  5. planes dont drive off the run way they are towed so obviously who ever towed it is at fault here… I was starting to think there was no hope till finally got to esko’s comment… morons

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