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    1. you say that like it’s ironic and not just really obvious like people complaining about exercise seem to be fat.

  1. Josh will be employed at a “you want fries with that burger?” the rest of his life if he refuses to receive an education. Then, he’ll blame the establishment for his inability to make a decent living. This is sad.

    1. You’re giving him too much credit by saying he will be employed. Dumbfucks like this one will be living off the government and selling drugs. He’ll probably get shot because he failed math and cheated someone out of their dope. Serves him right.

    2. he’s more likely to be employed at dole dossers ltd, in chav city, a side company of drug dealers and stealers r us than a burger bar.

  2. This isn’t funny, to be honest. I deal with idiots like this, all the time online! What’s sad, is those that act unintelligent, and uneducated, are actually NOT that way, in reality!

    1. OMG are you serious, I always assumed the vast majority were morons… Now I have to change me whole point of view about the trolls.

  3. actually I’m gonna side with Josh, nothing is more annoying than some Passive Aggressive grammar Nazi. Cody sounds like a real bitch and maybe needs a lesson himself, one you don’t learn in school.

    1. you guys should like totally team up and beat his ass after school bro. that would like so prove him wrong about you guys.

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