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  1. Certainly looks like the little fucker is blowing instead of sucking. Probably shooting spit balls, or it is some other toy. Of course the title is meant to be misleading so idiots think they’re smoking cigarettes, or just that the EF people are idiot and they thought that the kids were smoking.

  2. MrB is right its a joke pair of cigarettes

    pretty sure I had one when I was 6 no wonder I started at age 8 on the real stuff T-T

  3. Hey, I wouldn’t get worked up about the “cigarettes” as those might indeed be joke cigarettes but on thing is definitely a parenting fail: Letting a fat kid drink Monster Energy. Say hello to diabetes!

  4. This is not fake cigarettes. It is “Tube of Balloons” or “Ballon in a tube”. rubber/putty like stuff you put on one end of the straw, blow on the other and make a balloon/bubble.

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