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    1. Yeah. Needs spandex…and a Ferrari. But looks like he got the divorce, anyways.
      And as long as he has money, looks like he’ll be scoring alot more than you “suffering from young” and relying on Mommy and Daddy to provide your kitty-bait.
      Yeah! Uh-huh! What up, boooeeezzz?

    2. You miss the point Fred, being young you can have no money and pull just as many chicks as the old man that has to have money to pull his chicks. Without his money he gets no chicks………ball is in your court.

    3. Ron, you are under a misconception. You confuse me because you write so well and yet seem so unschooled. Yet, you do argue a good argument…just ill conceived.
      Are you unable to google, watch the news, and find the proper statistics? Ron, those little girls that you’re getting your ego blown up to majestic proportions are just using you little homo erectuses to eventually graduate to us more Cro-Magnons. You know us; the guys that are “slow” and don’t worry about premies and shit like that. Guys that are not so concerned with making their woman’s assholes bleed, and “queery” things like that.
      Sure, I know you’re going to spout about Erectile Dysfunction shit and all that, but if you’ll check, you’ll find that it’s you guys without the money for Viagra that suffer the most from those, too.
      Remember the old joke about the old bull and young bull on the hill?
      I know it sounds redundant, but you young guys are just a fucking problem. Then, I admit that us old fucks are too.
      But, that’s not me! I set a good example!

    1. Charlie, you need to apologize to Allan & get back on 2 1/2 men… Anger management is huge messy pile of dung. 😉

  1. Oh really? Now EF is doomed to recycle those annoying ads about “how to loose 2kg a day with a SIMPLE RULE”? And recycle the oppression of the body and the reign of vanity and 6-pack abs. Well, I’m going to eat another cake, fuck it all.

  2. haha all the comments above sound like serious jealous internet losers.

    it’s an amazing achievement to change your body like that especially at his age.

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