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    1. I don’t want to hurt it, or please it, or kill it.
      I want to make it explode, and watch what’s left of it burn on the sidewalk. I want to feel her blood and fat and pieces of flesh on me, and laugh like a maniac, pointing at the black mess where she precedently stood.

    2. Alas Kelta, not going to work… Unless you manage to deeply disgust me, at the point that I’ll forget how sexyfunnycleverweird you are. (What? I lacked the good word to say it, so I used them all.)

    1. That’s actually my mom. And she used to be way hotter before she had me. I keep a polaroid of her under my pillow for when I can’t sleep.

    1. No that’s how ghetto low lifes give birth. right on the sidewalk outside their Section 8 hovels.
      Yep…blacks are just like the rest of now aren’t they? Oh wait.

    1. But that looks just look you; old floppy bingo arms, hippo ass, thunder thighs, and No modesty…. Are you sure that is Fred?

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