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  1. Erm, I don’t see how it did happen. I like to think it’s true, because it’s quite spectacular, but something doesn’t look right…

    1. thanks to gravity people tend to fly outwards in the direction they were swinging, not up into the air

      likewise the swing doesn’t continue swinging upwards after you fall off it

      wouldn’t have been able to swing up like that anyway with the chains twisted around like that

      girls legs are oddly still perfectly aligned in a sitting position

      etc etc.


    2. Looks cropped from a picture of a girl coming down from a trampoline and someone off the picture pushing the swing. I think the hair would be pointing in the other direction with the air drag.

    3. … for the record gravity pulls downward, not outward. Acceptable terms would have been inertia and centrifugal force.

    4. I never said gravity pulls outward. please work on your reading comprehension skills before trying to be a pedant.

    5. I see. so this is supposed to be the part where I fall for you intentionally taking what I said out of context and pretending that you didn’t understand the already terribly dumbed down concept I was expressing and get all angry and confused about how someone that clearly has at least a decent education could be so very stupid, right? yawn…

    6. she did a flip because i know her, and it’s from a video! and she’s amazing at gymnastics. SO IT’S REAL.

    1. Doesn’t look shopped to me… but then again the pic is kinda blurry which of course can be used as a way to hide PS tampering.

  2. i used to do this all the time when i was a kid. she is flipping off backward. when the swing is on its way backwards, you lean as far back as you can and allow yourself to flip over.

  3. RippyMcSlams – because I know first hand how this is not a fake – your comments show hoe much of a loser you actually are! hahaha

    1. hi there little swing set playing cunt. let’s play a little game. take one of your little dollies and pretend it’s swinging around doing backflips and tell me how you can possibly have your body facing forward and down at the same time during a BACK flip, you fucking idiot.

    2. No man, seriously, it’s a back flip. My friend used to do it all the time, and now that I remember it, that’s what it would look like if you snapped a photo of it. It looks like a disaster until you land it.

    1. That’s correct. When swinging forward lean all the way back on the swing so your legs are touching the chains and your head is below the seat. When you reach the paramount of your fore-swing release the swing and continue to rotate. Elementary. Quite literally.

    2. I see, so when you were all saying back flip, what you really meant was, not a back flip at all, but a forward dismount?

      look at this guy getting all haughty about being “king of the playground” though. that is so cute.

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