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    1. eww yuk gross wtf is that ass hows this a win its a fail in my books and yes im jewish anddddddddddddd first to say first suck that bitch ass tricks
      No Homo

    2. to the guy named dipst…..since i cant reply on his comment ill reply on this one and itll be attached with the other comments…..DIPSHT YOUR MUST BE A FUCKING FAG…..NO STRAIGHT MAN (POSSIBLY YOUR A BOY) WOULD THINK THAT ASS IS GROSS……SHIT ID LIKE THAT ASS

  1. @FRED, Where are you??? I like to read your comment on her ass…. What you claim you would do to her?? With your dick???? on the internet…..

    1. Sorry, I’ve been involved in new and exciting subjects and when I get on the internet, lately, I have problems commenting and doing what I need to do. Sometimes this site won’t let me comment. I don’t know why. May have been something I said. Though, I can’t think of anything that I’ve said that would be considered inappropriate. Ever. I mean, I’m always a gentleman.

    1. Yeah. I thought she was gonna take one one up the “dirt road”, if ya know what I mean. I was expecting some mudboggin’, if ya know what I mean.

    2. Yeah, keep practicing on your pillow. That’s a one-way street, and there is a mean cop in a tank with a bazooka and a Celine Dion CD at the entrance.

  2. Hey, folks, as you know, a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. So I say “fuck you” to all those puritanical kids who had negative things to say about this woman’s ass, which, in my opinion, is the result of 200k years of evolutional perfection.

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