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  1. …and this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a ‘Text skit’, thank you. Man, I am really good at this, I should be detective. 🙂

    1. you know all these are the same bubbles and all one is whitish gray the other always green and they all say message and edit . plus ive never seen a phone that looks like this in the text screen . its all generated and fake but still funny

    2. it’s how iphone texts look. you’d think they’d do them in a different style every once and a while so it wasn’t quite so obvious.

  2. Seen before, and Clearly fake… I’m losing more and more faith in epicfail everytime they post these crap texts.. who name their friends “guy friend” really? more creativity please lol

    1. That OK we already lost faith in you coming up with anything resembling a witty remark, either based upon the fail at hand or comments already said…. I say GOOD BYE SIR!

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