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  1. the 3 that responded should be beaten over the head, drug out to the tree line and shot in the face for entertaining this crap.

  2. That is the same Question ChienSale Mother ask..
    One day ChienSale Mother had the RUNs. And out came ChienSale and holding on ChienSale Cock was Papa Smurf……

  3. He could have impregnated her via involuntary in-vitro fertilization. Unless she was conscious, she probably wouldn’t have noticed a little catheter up the cervix to implant the eggs.

    1. and Jesus could have flown out of the sky on a unicorn and done it with his magic powers, but that would be ridiculous too.

    2. Well what you said is just plain stupid because everyone knows that Jesus rides a pterodactyl! Unicorns won’t let Jesus ride them because they are all atheists and refuse to allow an imaginary being on their back.

  4. Damn…. Now even the black mothers are trying to get out of the responsibility. ‘She aint mine! she aint mine! he had an egg from dat bith on deh end oh his cock Maurie!”

  5. Please tell me that was a prank! People need to be tested to make sure they are not retarted before they are allowed to have kids! It’s pretty sad that no matter how old her daughter may be, the daughter probably knows more about sex ed than her “possible” mother! Lol! RETARD!!!!!

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