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  1. Who the f*ck is Demi Lovato? I know Cowell just thanks to Top Gear. I know Britney because she famously failed to sing and create music while she kept the “high school virgin” image ten years ago. I have no idea who that afro-american guy is. And Demi Lovato? WTF? I don’t really get the american showbusiness.

    1. Exactly. You dont know who Demi Lovato is because she hasnt done anything incredibly stupid yet. I know who she is because shes hot as fuck.

    2. What? Spokk, you don’t know Randy? The defining figure of the rockband Journey?
      Oh, well, I guess I just know too much…except his lastname.

    3. Fred. That is NOT Randy. That is L.A. Reid. Just because they are both black does not make them the same person.

    4. On second look, I guess I did victimize that white stereotype, didn’t I? Guess I’m just too used to Randy being there that I wasn’t paying attention. Sorry.

    5. Whoa Kelta.Rose, are you calling these 2 black gentlemen “n!ggers”? They don’t fit that description.

    6. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying because I’m a huge racist. There is no possible way I was being sarcastic…

    1. They all lip sync. The only reason you have to have any talent in the music business is so you can sing the song just to record it, then continuously lip sync afterwards.

    2. Not even. These days, talent simulating software does all the work. You just need to look good and know how to dance.

    1. I feel totally uncomfortable with you commenting on this video. ZING! Who even let you onto the internet? ZING! omg I’m so good at these putdowns. I totally got you.

  2. lol.. auto tunes= the only way we can accept these new singers.. voice dont even matter no more.. just dress slutty and bam. record deal

  3. So Britney wasnt uncomfortable shaving her head, or putting her infant child in the driver’s seat, but shes uncomfortable with that dude looking at her? Thats the real fail here…

    1. I think Britney should get with Lesbie Lowhand, do a few bongs and just forget about impressing people like me with her “craft”. I have no idea who this other cunt is.

  4. “Who the fuck is Demi Lovato?” She’s another auto-tuned Disney creation w/ some pop hits in ’08 and ’09. She was also on fucking Barney in the 90’s. If you’re an intelligent adult, you won’t know her. To that I say, Congrats! You passed.

  5. oh my god that was fucking amazing, although he should have left the stage right fter he said that, man that will go down in history

  6. That guy is awesome. And why won’t britney just go away? After nuclear winter there will only be cockroaches and britney spears.

  7. I cannot catch all words of this video, too fast for my poor english. Please, write the sentence of the guy. Thanks folk!

  8. Britney has had her azz kissed so much she must feel entitled to comfort in every situation….A least everyone else kind of laughed it off and lol Simon your expressions were freekin hilarious.

    1. You said it like Simon comes here and you’re talking to him.
      Simon doesn’t come here. He knows better. Fuckwits like me would have his ass here.
      Never talk like you’re talking to a celebrity here, okay?
      I mean, Chuck Sheen doesn’t even “lower” his standards and come here, okay?…Okhee?

    2. Porn stars ARE celebrities in my book. That is until they start acting like celebrities…and start trying to make me believe that pissing all over the place is a female orgasm. You gotta wake up preeeetty early in the morning to pull some shit off like that on this ol’ boy. Uh-huh. Yeah.

  9. wish he would have shut britney up at the end and instead told demi to go overdose again. funny how a show about singing hired a person who cant even sing herself.

  10. If I cared for any of this, maybe I would’ve found it funny. But anyway… I mean: This guy’s on one of those so-called talent shows.
    Doesn’t get any more beta if you ask me…

  11. It’s sad but true that if you want to be famous, it takes more then talent. It also require good looks and youth. I don’t watch this show so i can’t say if he’s good or not

  12. Who is dressing these “stars”? Britney looks like she raided her mother’s closet and Demi looks like she’s been taking my 12 year old daughter’s clothes from the hamper again.

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