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    1. Hey, 2lolo! You gotta see this huge fucking hemorrhoid that’s just come up on may ass I’m sending it to you right now! Bet it’ll make your oatmeal taste strange if you stare at the revolting whitehead during breakfast in the morning.

  1. I’m surprised he chose to show his hairy torso. Come on, how many of us would have taken a picture of your dick/anus? I know I would’ve.

    1. I didn’t say it was IMPOSSIBLE, just that it’s hard. As it happens, I have a studio with the proper gear, but for the amateur it can be tricky.

    2. Using a mirror to take a picture of your anus is the best way, just don’t make the same mistake I made and use the house of mirrors at the fair. Those poor children will need therapy for years!!

    3. No, I tried using a mirror to take a picture of my anus one time and fell and cracked my head on the bathroom floor. Had to get 20 stitches.

  2. @Papa Smurf, Sorry to hear that FRED, drop you for JIMMY… YES!! I know how you feel.. All the little things you gave to FRED… And now FRED love JIMMY little thing…..

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