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    1. He was a championship basketball player. He did not sing the song Crazy; that was Cee-Lo Green. GNARLES Barkley is not a person its a band.

    2. You are all kidding right? He was a profesional basketball player for like 15 years. He played for the Philadelphia 76rs, the Phoenix Suns, and the Houston Rockets. I can’t believe there are people in this world so ignorant. p.s. I don’t even follow or like basketball.. morons.

  1. I gotta watch this funny ass shit about 500 times before I can say much! That shit is just too fucking funny! Fuckin’ neurosis involving a little ball is all I can say right now.

  2. Wtf, does he have a siezure after every backswing? Looks like he’s trying to hit a moving target, take a freaking lesson already Chuck.

  3. atleast he tries. i would never ever step up there. if i knew this was going to happen. and he does it in front of crowds.. i would be looking over my shoulder to see if any one is watching. and he does it in front of TV CAMERAS! show some love

    1. So you’re the masked and hooded figure that keeps cramming five dollar bills into my g-string, huh? Thanks…but for now on stay the fuck away from me, you creepy fuck!

  4. his basketball career ended with a horrible knee injury, i guess he can not control that movement on his leg, it is some kind of post-injury lifetime damage

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