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  1. That’s clearly a muerte girl, not a beaten woman. You’d think in all the articles written, someone would realize that.

    1. What it’s supposed to be and what it seems like are completely different.
      I’ve always wondered, what did she do to deserve it? Maybe he was just trying to make her look better because she is rather ugly.

    2. Oh, it’s ok then. It’s not a beaten woman, it’s a *dead* woman. Or maybe it’s both? Perhaps she was beaten to death.

    3. regardless of what it actually represents, it looks like a $10 job that was done with a homemade tattoo gun. Atrocious.

    1. What? Nobody is going to argue with me about why beating women is not an art form?
      For fuck’s sake! Quit worrying about the election and live a little!

  2. I’ve never heard of a “muerte girl”… and Google isn’t particularly forthcoming. Enlighten me? I know that ‘muerte’ means ‘dead’, but… what’s the deal? Pictures of dead chicks in this year?

    That really doesn’t look like Rhianna. Regardless, he’s an idiot, she’s an idiot, and anyone who thinks ‘he’s worth it’ deserves the beating they will get.

    1. I have to agree, that doesn’t look like her. They have three things in common: They seem feminine, they’ve been beaten, and they are linked to Chris Brown.
      If it’s supposed to be her, his tattoo artist blows. The eyes are wrong, the eyebrows are wrong, the nose is wrong…

      Search “Muerte tattoos” and you will see what he means by muerte girl

    1. Hey there stud muffin! I got caught up watching a Saved by the Bell marathon, but I’m all done now

    2. Yeah, I know. Their little “professional” acting abilities really show the real subtle and ambiguous side of teen mating rituals, don’t ya think? I get so soft just thinking about it.

    1. I agree. That tat looks like shit. You’d think with all of the money he has he would be able to pay a good tat artist for a good tattoo -____-

  3. I used to think chris brown was a talentless arshole but now i think of him as a total useless waste of space..oh and a cunt of the highest order as well

  4. it doesnt help that the woman in the tattoo looks all battered and scratched up. I doubt it is supposed to be her but I think it serves as a good warning to any girls he meets.

  5. What is that a zombie?!?! BWAHAHAHA… good thing you are are rich jackass… so you can get that stain removed. hahahaha!

  6. What the hell is this sorry ass excuse for a man thinking while he sees the design of his tattoo.”Oh yeah let’s make this work”
    One of the ugliest tattoos ever made.

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