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    1. Hehehe. Makes us guys feel more gooder, though.
      As a matter of fact, I think my willy is much more bigger since I started acting a dick.
      What does it do to women when they act a cunt? Just askin’.

    2. Their cunts get bigger, they rag more, and they stink more. But that is the life cycle of every woman. Things only get worse and never get better.

    3. Damn Deadly! I might have thought that, but I don’t think I would say it. You got some balls! Got ’em back from Liz, huh?

    4. Serious? You think he has balls because he comes on some site where onbody knows who he is and says vile shit like that? So how does that figure. Wonder how he’d like somebody saying something like that about his Mom. He’s nothing more than a small minded potty mouthed coward who wanks himself to sleep every night

  1. Dear Homies,
    Wearing your pants low so your ass is showing and acting like a fucking piece of shit does not make you any bit cool.

  2. @FRED, You can’t Act at all.. Only thing will make your Dick bigger is when JIMMY put his Dick up your Butt hole……. As you lick ChienSale Ass……

    1. Well Papa 2lolo was molested by his granfather ,father , uncle, btother, and the mailman he was in the circle jerk and he was the catcher every time

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