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    1. The top right King’s eye is much lighter than the one on the left, this guy is a hack. Put a bullet in his head, drop him out back for the rats to feast on. fuck that.

    1. HE was using it as a guideline. So he can just detail off of it. He could of done it regularly, but chose a ruler instead.

    2. Can you draw a perfect straight line? No I don’t think you could. Because its nearly impossible for a human being to draw a perfect straight line, youd have to keep your hand completely still, just as its not possible to draw a perfect circle freehand. Just because he used a ruler dosent mean anything at all. Not even a little bit.

  1. Really??? Computer generated?? Are you stupid? Anybuddy who knows how to draw I.E. ME would be incredibly offended by that statement. This would of taken hours to do! How dare you sit there and say its not possible for someone to have done this. It most certianlly IS!!! It take years of practicing drawing before you get this good. And this I bet was not the first time it was drawn. Probably placed this exact same thing a couple times before it became this easy. Or from years of expirence and HARD A$$ WORK was able to do this the first time. Just because YOU probably can’t do this without a computer dose not mean there aren’t REAL artitsts out there that don’t need a computer to create art. You sound like a jerk.

  2. Why do people think it’s computer generated? What supports that theory? It’s definitely humanly possible to make do this, and it’s also not too good imo. The sword is noticeably different, so it definitely is not a copy of the left side. Maybe it is computer generated, but I see no reason to believe that.

  3. To those saying its computer made, check photorealism genre, the paintings are even more realistic (but of course they need a photo to make the photorealistic ones).
    In photorealistic genre they take a picture and try to make the closest thing to this picture.
    There is even hyperrealism, some artists saw that a photo is a representation of reality and so photorealism would be a representation of a representation, in hyperrealism the guys not only copy the photo but make changes to make it even more realistic

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