Loyalty Fail


People Fail

“Found my dad cheating on my awesome mother. So he got a surprise the next night. After muscle milk shake mix poured over his shit…..it rained that night!!!! :D”

Submitted by Taylor B.

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    1. @FRED, That what happen to you Dad. Your Mother found ChienSale and your Dad in Bed.. I’ll be moving in with your Mother.. With ever inch I ram into her, with ever Aaaaa!!! and Oooo!! your Mother take’s In !!! I’ll be thinking of you walking the streets…

  1. Well if your Mom would ever put out, Daddy wouldn’t have to go around poking it in girls young enough to be your sister!

    1. That…makes…logical sense. I’m with ya! You’re smart…but you scare the shit outta me at the same time. There’s an agenda that you’re working with here, isn’t there?

  2. Shouldn’t the child have just sat back and let mom take whatever action she thought was appropriate? Mom may have been awesome but maybe she was happy with things as they were. It wouldn’t be the first couple that stayed together out of convenience while both see other partners on the side.

  3. Did the son do it (“found my dad cheating on my awesome mother”) or did she do it? If the son did it that’s not exactly a loyalty fail, is it?

    1. Judging on the writing on the box, I deduced that Taylor is actually a girl and did it herself on behalf of her mother. Could’ve been the mom, though. Some older women still have teenage writing. And maybe they meant “loyalty fail” as in the father had no loyalty to the mother… or the daughter has no loyalty to her (cheating) father.

  4. Well good luck with that, your “awesome mother” will have to do much more than throwing his clothes to the yard to forget about him,i think they will meet again in court, tell her to say goodbye to half of her possessions, and for you, well, get redy for a couple of years of instability, and uploading that picture won’t heal your burn or make things better, but i hope it was worth it… lol

    1. well that’s not really how a divorce works regarding property, especially when you’re a female who’s been cheated on, the judge is pretty much guaranteed to rule in her favor, but you’re right overall in that legally it’s not over. you can’t just evict someone from their home with no notice either especially if their name is on any of the paperwork. though given that his belongings seem to consist of nothing more than bags of clothes and garbage, I’m guessing she owns the house.

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