Marvel Flash Mob Win



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    1. Hi Jimmy boy
      Yes I am still incest your Mother and Sister in your bed… But some nights I kick your Mother out.. She can’t keep up with your Sister….

  1. it is so funny how people don’t have anything better to do and instead of making something useful they are doing this kind of total nonsense and complete bullshit. stupid humanity, it is going toward end with such dumbasses

  2. It was sorta funny but you lost me when the fat black capt america took off his mask and had another of obama. The only captian obama could be is captain obvious…cause it was obvious he should have never made office. stupid tools.

  3. While this is gay.
    Credits for using streets of rage 2 music.(One of the finest Megadrive beat em up games of 1992).

  4. Could someone please post the names of the songs used in this clip? They all sound great. I’ll be specially thankful about the one starting at 7:16. Thanks!

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