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  1. good job my arse you done a good job of shortening your dogs life you shouldnt even be allowed to keep an animal you are just disgusting

    1. Um, you do realiise that the woman in the video isn’t the person who caused the dog to get to that point don’t you? This dog was rescued from elderly owners…

    2. Agree but um, then we’d have to incarcerate 2/3 of America under the principals of “child owner fail” and “body owner fail”.

    3. I’m not saying you have to be ashamed for being fat papa smurf, but if you’re going to be bitter about it too then you should see a psychologist and a personal trainer.

    4. Not really, seeing as America(United States of America) doesn’t lead in anything anymore except cockiness and maybe criminals. And when most unintelligent people talk about America , it makes you with see they don’t realize there is a north AND south America? How many countries are in America? America isn’t a country, it’s a SMURFING CONTINENT! So you retarded smurfing ass burglars need to think.

    5. Papa, let’s be honest here. When the word “America” is spoken (or read), EVERYBODY thinks of the U.S. It’s like picking on someone’s grammar (guilty) when you have no other argument.

    6. True, but come on does anyone e realize in that term Canada and Mexico are lumped together with the United States? A little bit demeaning to them don’t you think?

    7. As a Canadian myself, I couldn’t care less. I know what people mean when they say bad things about America. If they meant Canada they would say Canada.

    1. you forget people put their dogs and cats down by choice(not useally your own choice) so no you cant be prosecuted in some areas of the world they eat them aswell as put a huge hook through their jaw and use them for bait to catch whales

    2. You might have a valid point there newt, but unfortunately where you come from they must not believe in punctuation.

    3. Punctuation is EVIL it’s the DEVIL’s WORK ’cause God knows why punctuation is so complicated personnally I think it’s to confuse people souls and let them fall into the hands of the devil but that’s just my opinion

    4. Yes I booked it for 4 hours. This time Gren I don’t want to have medical reports of a ruptured sphincter.

    5. Now 2lolo you can’t say it didn’t give you anything nice, I just gave you an ass to play with(Not mine). So be nice to it, I want my deposit back after.

    6. Hey that’s not my fault if you used all the lube with 2lolo! There was not enough left for my fifty centimeters black leather strap-on. You should be grateful the donkey took it all, you could’ve been the one.

    7. Big yes, furry Not So much as maybe hairy… But to give some credit we were in a dimly lit room. Now thinking back I think you were going to town on the wrong ass.

  2. Putain mais ces gens ne devraient pas avoir le droit d’avoir des animaux domestiques avec eux, ils ne savent pas s’en occuper, le chien s’épuise en quelques pas, il risque d’avoir des problèmes d’articulations, de coeur, et mourir très vite et jeune !
    “Bon travail” ? Mais va te faire foutre, ça me dégoûte, pauvre chien…

    1. Détend toi, tu connais même pas le contexte de la vidéo… La personne qui dit “Good Job” a secouru le chien, il est dans cet état à cause de ses précédents maîtres.

    2. Ben le…ben le. Comme..sacrement le…le chien est tellement fat le. Ben le…je suis tellement pissed le. Esti…le.

    3. And that is why Ladies and gentlemen, French people have heart attacks and get cancer easily than other europeans.. they complain all the time, they yell and swear all the time, not mentioning their exagerated consumption of cigarettes( to apparently release stress and lose some weight ). The war might be over but we still all hate each other , don’t we? ( okay that’s a joke.. but it’s true isn’t it?)

    1. You are just a jackass with nothing better to do than to post stupid shit. What person in their right mind would do this? Oh wait, your apparently not in your right mind.

  3. I actually couldn’t even watch the entire video, it just made me to sad. I can’t believe people in this world can be so cruel, that poor dog. Whoever did this should be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

    1. really are you that dumb… pregnant dogs do not get that big nor do they carry weight in their chest and shoulders. you have obviously never seen a pregnant dog

  4. You DO realize that this dog is in rescue?! His owners were elderly with dementia and didn’t know they were feeding him too much – because they couldn’t remember.
    He’s already lost 8 pounds in rescue in 2 weeks, and he is healthy.
    Grow up and research before posting stupid responses.

  5. You all have NO IDEA about this story. The woman from the video rescued this dog and is trying to get it to lose weight. Educate your tiny pathetic little minds before you post such shit.

  6. If feed properly and given just the right amount of exercise the poor dog should be back to a normal size in no time.
    I took care of my neighbors dog that was pretty fat,took it for walks everyday and made sure it wasnt over fed.
    Lost weight fast ^.^

  7. that dog has Cushings Syndrome, poor baby, I have doxies and they are great dogs but that is something they are at risk of getting

  8. This is sickening weiner dogs all ready have back problems as it is. let alone carrying around all that weight. sad to see such animal cruelty . that dumb hoe will get hers

  9. the dog would better off dead,then seal that stupid bitches asshole shut with gorilla glue and force feed her ass then say”GOOD JOB” when explodes

  10. obviously, It wasn’t her that made the dog fat, man people are dumb. When she takes him out she uses toys not treats and she says we have a long way to go. She probably saved that dog.

  11. SURVIVE!
    Monday, September 10, 2012

    “The Biggest Loser” is going to the dogs.

    Obie the Dachshund, quite possibly the world’s fattest sausage dog, is on a mission to slim down after his elderly owners fed him so much that he is now twice the size of a normal Dachshund.

    Nora Vanetta of Portland, Ore., adopted the 77-pound dog after his owners, who were suffering from deteriorating health, realized that they could no longer care for him.

    “He is extremely sweet and loving,” Vanetta wrote on “Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition,” a Facebook page dedicated to Obie’s weight-loss goals.

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