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    1. Mh non, solution insatisfaisante, j’aime voir le regard d’horreur de mes partenaires de jeux quand je sors mes outils.

    2. I don’t remember allowing you to call me Gren. That’s going to be Mrs Rightforonce for you, okay Subby?

    3. She has to bras on one to flatten and one to push them up.
      Sadly its normal for girls like her to do this for the extra cleavage.
      Iv seen it done many times(-__-;)

  1. She needs to lay off the cheese puffs! If my fingers were that colour, I’d scrub them!
    Also, a better bra would be a great idea.

  2. Lol my god whoever wants to do her must be sick in the head 100% no kidding haha she’s as fugly as hell damn this world is getting worse everyday D=

  3. Burn it!!! For the love of all that is holy burn it!!
    Now I have to delete my browsing history and uninstall/reinstall the programs on my computer

  4. Ooompa loompa doompity boo… this bitch is orange with an awful hair-do.

    ffs jersey shore knock it off already. what cracked out meth head thinks this is in any way attractive?

  5. Now my Life is complete, I have seen the complete interwebz.

    What if I told ya that this was a contest pic for a fun make-up contest in a girls forum which had the theme “bitches”.

    No. Really!! Seriously.
    It really was. She didn’t win, because she took it too far, but you can see what we did there….

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