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    1. I have a feeling something was going on, some kind of childish chasing between angry drivers, and they were going around the block repeatedly yelling at each other, zipping around each other, etc., someone called the police, the bus pulled over for safety, and this guy on the bus (maybe the driver) took out his camera. That’s my theory, which is mine.

    2. I saw that on the news. It was the third day that the Jeep driver did that to avoid the bus stop’s sign and lights. You can find another video of the same move around the same area but without the Ford vehicle. So the bus driver had already done a police report and they decided to check on the next few days…

    3. Franky,

      I think your theory is superior. Looking at it again, I caught a glimpse of the top corner of what must be a stop sign the bus driver placed in the street to block traffic from passing the bus, I suppose until the kids are all loaded, the door is closed, and the bus is ready to move. I wonder why this driver wouldn’t have just gone down a different street? These look like side streets.

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